pregnancy & baby festival

O'Reilly Hall, UCD, Dublin
22-23 February 2014, 10am - 5pm

On the front page!

Irish times 1

Babytalk in the Irish Times Health and Family Supplement

I nearly fell over my feet this morning as I rushed down to my local newsagents to pick up a copy of Today’s Irish Times. There on the front cover was an advert for our article! It’s a very difficult thing to do – walk and read a newspaper (I nearly walked into a bin trying) so I rushed home with Juliet to read the double page spread.

It’s a fab article by Sheila Wayman about navigating your way as a new parent amid lots of conflicting advice and misinformation. It features insightful quotes from our many excellent speakers and gives some background into the story behind Babytalk and what will be happening at the festival over the weekend of the 22nd & 23rd of February.

The photo shoot took place at our gorgeous venue – O’Reilly Hall, UCD, you can see the lake and fountains in the background of the cover shot. Marie and Juliet look great – I really wish I had taken the time to brush my hair before the shoot, but in true Mammy style it’s a little less than perfect – Juliet had been playing with it just before the shots!

Irish times 2
Marie, Rachel and Juliet in the light filled cafe area of O’Reilly Hall, UCD

Quick, run down to your local shop and get a copy for yourself or read the article online to find out all about the festival!

4 thoughts on “On the front page!

  1. Miriam

    Great coverage – delighted to see you gals in the I. Times.

    However, one of the best pieces of parenting advice I ever got I will pass on to you now:

    Don’t talk yourself down. Get out of that habit now! You are a wonderful, strong, beautuful, intelligent, tenacious woman leading a busy and successful life as a parent and entrepreneur and yet you have time to dis your hair. I was told never let your daughter (or son) hear you talk like that about yourself. Let her hear you say how much you are glad you’re fit and healthy so you can play with her, so you can do a great job at work, so you can be a great mum/partner/sister/friend. Because when you say my hair is messy/my legs are fat/I’m not good enough your child internalises that and hears that about themselves. The best way for your daughter to grow up to love herself, in this culture of media attacking and objectifying us daily, is to be a role model of someone who loves herself!

    Ok, lecture over. Continue being brilliant ;D

  2. Triona

    Well done Babytalk! Great piece in the Irish Times. This looks like a great festival and it’s really great the emphasis you place on information rather than advice.
    So glad because am really being bombarded with tips from all angles so looking forward to just listening to info and deciding for myself.

    I’ll be there with hubby and bump!

    1. Rachel Post author

      Thanks Triona, we’re delighted with the article and the huge response to it! Looking forward to seeing you at the festival 🙂

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