pregnancy & baby festival

O'Reilly Hall, UCD, Dublin
22-23 February 2014, 10am - 5pm


Cotton on!

A guest post from Babytalk exhibitor Leona from hip baby about why organic cotton is the bees knees!

hip baby

Cotton is Cotton right??  Well no, not exactly.  There are no chemicals whatsoever used in the production of Organic Cotton.  No insecticides or pesticides used in the cotton fields or chemicals during the manufacturing process and the dyes used are free from toxins!

Apart from the obvious Environmental and Social benefits to the farmers who grow it, how does it benefit you and your baby?  Well a baby’s skin is very delicate and their skin is a lot thinner than adults, for this reason is it is important that their skin can breathe and Organic Cotton helps this.

A lot of babies suffer with eczema and other skin irritations and Organic Cotton can really help with these conditions.  Regardless of the rest of the clothes your baby wears, if the layer next to their skin is Organic Cotton then you are helping your baby’s skin to breathe!

Organic Cotton Clothing has come a long way in the last few years, previously the choice varied from a dull cream to an even duller grey!!!  Now we have lots of colours and styles to choose from and the quality cannot be matched!

Come along to the hipbaby stand at Babytalk Festival to see and feel organic cotton clothing for yourself and be in with a chance to win a fab prize of a €50 voucher to spend online!

For more details please see

Babytalk Festival – what why when and where?

Our impressive venue – O’Reilly Hall, UCD, Dublin

The story of Babytalk begins all the way back in 2011 when I began my adventure into the world of making babies.

Like most people, before the idea of having a baby stopped filling me with dread and fear, I had never given more than a few fleeting moments of thought to being a Mum and all that would involve. The most thought I had ever given to the idea of having a baby, was a list of names that I liked for the babies that I might have, one day in the very distant future.

So when the uncontrollable “want” began, I was quite overwhelmed by how all consuming it was. I suddenly went from not being particularly interested in babies and little people, to longing for my own little bundle of loveliness. And so it began… I started preparing myself for becoming a Mum. I’m a bit of a research nerd, so I delved into every book I could find, article I could google and advice I could get my hands on while we were trying to conceive. The thing that surprised me was that people don’t tend to talk a whole lot about this part of the journey to Mammyhood and Daddyhood. I know it involves jiggery pokery and that in Ireland we’re still a little afraid to talk about things like that, but still, I was shocked at how underground and difficult it was to find advice. So I began to reach out to people I didn’t know on forums and Facebook groups. I created a network of online friends that I could ask questions and bounce ideas off.

When we found out that we were going to have a baby, the penny really dropped. The reality of becoming a parent set in and I was scared. I had so many questions and I was given so much conflicting advice that I didn’t quite know what to do. I really just wanted somewhere I could go to chat with people that could offer good sound advice based on fact rather than hearsay, and even more importantly I wanted to meet fellow parents-to-be and make real life friends that I could hopefully share our parenting adventures with. That somewhere has become Babytalk Festival!

Well, mostly for very selfish reasons. We have designed Babytalk for us and our peers, we couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for so we decided to make it ourselves. We wanted to create something different, a fun experience where people can come together and celebrate little people and parenthood. It’s a big deal this parenting marlarkey – a life changing time full of excitement, joy, laughter, tears, tantrums, pooey nappies, dribble, worry, questions but most of all – love, and that’s what we want to celebrate. We also want to make it easier to access accurate information and to help connect people.

The nicest time of year of course! Spring begins in February – the days begin to stretch, flowers pop their heads up and stretch towards to sun, animals (us included) come out from hibernation and things just seem a little brighter! We chose to have the festival at the end of February to celebrate spring – a fresh time of new beginnings. So save the date and come help us welcome the spring! Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd of February 2014.

We searched high and low, near and far to find our perfect venue. It took months of road-trips, site visits, meetings and scary decisions to find it. We had a lot to consider… from visiting other events we created a list of what we did want and what we didn’t.

Dream Venue List
Big, but not too big
Free car parking
Easy to find & good location
Good transport links
Nicely designed space
A blank canvas with potential
Good facilities
Reliable events team & staff
Lots of light
Unique & different
Green areas – we like trees!

We finally found everything we were looking for and then some in O’Reilly Hall, UCD in Dublin. It is a beautiful architecturally designed space set amidst the bustling UCD campus. The campus itself is well known, easy to get to and very green! There are lots of lovely woodland walks, a gorgeous lake that the hall overlooks, and plenty of green areas. Here is a link to a pdf of the woodland walks, why not make a day of your visit and take a stroll through one of the routes after Babytalk?

Looking forward to welcoming you, we hope you enjoy the festival as much as we have enjoyed creating it!


The Ultimate Parenting Panel


Here at babytalk HQ we’re thrilled to be featured in a double page spread in the new edition of Easy Parenting Magazine! Why not pick up a copy now or click on the image above to read the full article.

We’ve really enjoyed working with the Easy Parenting Team and are looking forward to visiting them in the gorgeous Easy Parenting Cafe over the festival. They will have exciting hourly competitions so pop over and say hello to them!

The Easy Parenting team will also be signing Mums and Dads up for their Ultimate Parenting Panel over the Babytalk Festival weekend.

Ultimate parenting panel

The panel will be made up of real life Mums and Dads just like you. Once you sign up – which is very easy to do, you will be asked to take part in focus groups, surveys and the best part – product testing! Sound like fun?! Well to make it even more appealing, they are also offering to pay for your opinions!

To find out more or to sign up to join the panel, just pop an email over to or text “Ultimate Parenting Panel” with your name to 087 1376574 (normal charges apply), or pop over for a chat when you visit the festival.

eumom’s the word!

a guest post from our web partner eumom

eumom are delighted to be involved with Babytalk Festival as the official web partner of the event.

As a community of moms, we see on a daily basis the advice, support, knowledge and friendship our members receive from each other. It’s a wonderful thing to see moms supporting each other, because no one else knows how tough (and wonderful!) new motherhood can be.

For more than 10 years, has supported moms and families in Ireland. This focus has given us an in-depth understanding of parenting and means we are completely in tune with today’s modern, busy moms. From big announcements to joyful arrivals, from first steps to first days at school, we empower moms to connect, share and engage with each other – and this has made the largest, best loved and most trusted parenting community in Ireland.

With so much information to process when you start on your parenting journey, finding your way through all the old wives’ tales and misinformation can be exhausting and overwhelming. takes all of that worry and confusion away, leaving you with all the essentials you do need to know – and that’s why our partnership with Babytalk Festival is so exciting.

This great weekend of events for parents-to-be and new parents is all about demystifying conflicting advice and preparing you for the journey ahead. We’re looking forward to it!

Emily Manning, editor of , will also be taking part in a panel discussion on ‘Good Information vs Bad Advice: online parenting support and information’ at Babytalk Festival on Sunday February 23rd at 4pm. Up for discussion are the online options for parents and parents-to-be in Ireland, as well as the positive aspects and drawbacks of the online parenting world.

See you at Babytalk!